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Bridge to Long Ago  by  Sherry Boardman

Bridge to Long Ago by Sherry Boardman
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Jason Taylor never thought much about the beginnings of the familys woolen business. The present branch had prospered under his management. After a company celebration, he takes the wrong exit back to London, which brings him to an old moss covered bridge. Beyond is a pathway that might lead him to civilization. It his ancestral past. He soon learns to appreciate the clack of the loom shuttles and aroma of wool oil.

With the knowledge of future innovations of the trade, will he be able to use what he has learned to skip some of the hard times in the past? Or will that alter his ancestrys history and his personal successful bookmark in the future? Glenna accepts his past (or rather his future), and love blooms between the two.

However, she realizes he might not be hers for eternity. And, in the shadows of his mind, Jason knows he will someday find that pathway back to the old stone bridge.Bridge to Long Ago is a time travel historical romance. Although the romance is integral to the story, the main saga reverts back to the beginnings of the woolen industry and how it survived the poor economy, plague, and animal disease to become one of the most lucrative trades in the world.

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