Time of the Heathen James E. Matteson

ISBN: 9781450503358

Published: October 12th 2009


416 pages


Time of the Heathen  by  James E. Matteson

Time of the Heathen by James E. Matteson
October 12th 2009 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 416 pages | ISBN: 9781450503358 | 3.21 Mb

The Time of the Heathen begins days after a nuclear war is interrupted by an alien invasion. Beings from the ninth dimension destroy earths armies and dissolve all human government. During a 45-day interregnum, these aliens begin to impose their own rigid administration on the survivors.

Sides are chosen. The aliens appear to be making some things better. Nevertheless, some humans are willing to resist unto death, while others choose instead to collaborate.The fantasy adventure of Ewan and Alysa begins when a shadowy Flying Man sends them on an epic journey among the gods and goddesses, poets and priestesses, warriors and citizens of pagan Europe in the 7th century. His devious purpose is to change and use them to destroy his aliens enemies in the 21st century.

Influenced by their extraordinary experiences, Ewan and Alysa must each decide whether to join human collaborators who hope invading aliens will restrain human warfare, savagery, and injustice or join the resistance, who would rather die than give up human autonomy.

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